You are about to launch your business, but doing it in the corner of a Starbucks cafe or in your basement has it ́s challenges. Renting a private office for your start-up could be an expensive and risky affair. Let us start with five reasons why taking the step and be a part of the coworking space could be the right move. Research show it is more affordable and productive.


According to the global coworking survey, co-workers report that they are 74% more productive and feel 71% more creative. This to flexible work times and more self-confidence through mutual support. Improved skillset through shared knowledge & workshops. The report states that coworking foster confidence and is a hostile free work environment.


Make it simple! Your expenses for internet, electricity and rent is in one affordable monthly invoice. Coworking spaces have different memberships depending on whatever you need. Take your pick, day pass or full membership.

With the flexible membership plan you will have a guaranteed workspace. Sit down with your laptop at any open seat and get to work. You will also have lots of other benefits like company address and access to meeting rooms.

The full membership will give you a dedicated desk you can call your own. You will have the option to sit together with your team. Meaning you and your team will work from the same spot all day, every day. The membership gives you 24/7 access to your desk in a open privat area. If you want to make it more personal, bring your desk photo or your beloved cactus.

In the need for a place for the day, the coworking can offer a day pass where you can work, connect and explore the space.


Rent desk place for your team and as your startup grow forward you can expand for more desk places. You can even rent a private lockable office down the hall.


The community in the coworking is a great resource for any startup. Get the opportunity to collaborate with other members around you. Exchange knowledge and get advice from people that will accelerate your company. The best part of working in coworking is the network.


From happy hours to networking gatherings, you can attend social and professional events. Expand your business network and connect with other members in person.  Event hosted in the coworking can give your business a jumpstart.  This is where you can meet mentors, investors and co-founders.

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