Would you like to have more time to spend with people you care about? Have more freedom to travel and live the life you want, then you should keep reading.

Have you ever moved to a new flat? Found it to be a stressful experience, discovering how much stuff you actually have but never use? Do you have things that are collecting dust? Well it could be wise to say goodbye to them, give some stuff to charity free up your space and save some expenses.

Commercials tell us that having expensive products is happiness. People buy stuff they don’t need often with money they don’t have. People find themselves spending all their time working to pay back debts.

Henry Thoreau wrote “a man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford
to let alone”. His intention was to make the reader ponder, what is that makes us rich? Happy people say that time to do what you want is richness.

The truth is the more things we own, the more time we spend securing and maintaining it. Simplicity can be deliberating and are often underestimated.

How we approach living and working has changed. Social sharing has created a whole new economy. We share our car, house and workspace. It has come to people’s attention that sharing is caring for your time and money. Popular services like AirbnbDrivy and StokeShare gives us more freedom. It gives a more minimalistic approach. With that follows an opportunity to achieve more clarity and happiness in life.

Photo: Thomas Hawk, Flickr CC

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