The worst decision you can do is sometimes not taking one.

We want to take the leap as an entrepreneur but end up not taking the commitment that lead to action. We let our fear and doubt convince us and soon the opportunity drifts away. Not taking a decision actually means that you made the decision of indecision.

The richest place on the planet is not Dubai or Silicon Valley, it is the grave yard. Abundant of ideas, inventions and lyrics lay buried there, all because of indecision.

Steve Jobs commenting on mistakes he said “some mistakes will be made during the way and that is good”. He justified it saying; “at least some decisions are being made along the way”.

When we take responsibility for our life, that is when we understand that life is a result of all our choices. What we have and not have is a result of our actions.

Stand by your decision, don ́t spend your energy on reconsidering unless there is new facts on the matter. “Nothing is so exhausting as indecision and nothing is so futile”, as Bertrand Russell put it.

As an entrepreneur, you won’t have room for procrastination or indecision. It will threaten the progress. They can cause you to miss crucial opportunities, that could move you toward success.

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